Swift Alfresco


  •  Heavy Duty Slide Out runners & S/S Construction
  • Incorporates 2 Small Burner cook top, BBQ & Oven
  • Wash Bowl with Hot and Cold water Tap
  • Large Preparation Area
  • To Suit minimum opening size 520mm (W) x 330mm (H) x 1300mm (L)

Alfresco Outsoor Kitchen

Sales Code: ASBS

Alfresco Brochure

Swift Ecotherm Heater

  • Simple to Install
  • No external fluing or vents required
  • Works directly off the Swift Hot Water Unit.
  • Connects to the inlet & outlet lines of the Hot Water Unit tank
  • Comes Complete with heat exchanger, circulating pump and thermostat.
  • Can be installed under the bed or in a cupboard.
  • Can use either or both 240v or gas of the hot water unit
  • No clearance required for flues or emission of fumes
  • Unit is compact and installed inside van so road dust or damage is not a problem.
  • overall dimensions 300mm (W) x 310mm (D) x 160mm (H)
  • sales code: ECO002
  • Sales Code: ECOKIT Heater Kit
  • Best suited to vans under 19 feet and under.


Ecotherm Heater

Sales Code: ECO002

Ecotherm Heater Kit

Sales Code: ECOKIT

Ecotherm Heater Thermostat

Part Number: ECOSTAT

Ecotherm Heater Vent

Part Number: ECOVENT

Ecotherm Heater Pump

Part Number: ECOPUMP